Past Missions | November 2017

Employees and volunteers from Spin Master and Tecma Group kicked off the holiday by hand wrapping and delivering toys to children from schools in the Ciudad area.

This special delivery to children in Juarez marks the third year in a row that the Tecma Group has joined the global initiative to give disadvantaged children in Mexico the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of fun, to be inspired and to experience the benefits of play. “It is always amazing to see great companies come together to support children. Kids are the future and every little thing that we can do to help them smile and bring them happiness matters,” said Ben Gadbois. “The team at Tecma have been instrumental in bringing the missions in Mexico to fruition.”

“The values demonstrated by Spin Master’s The Toy Movement initiative align with those of the Tecma Group,” added Toby Spoon, Tecma’s Executive Vice President. “The Toy Movement initiative underscores what is important to our company and our partners. It illustrates our ideals in action.”

Spin Master and Tecma will be contacting supportive businesses in El Paso and Juarez who would like to participate in the movement. By the end of 2017, the Toy Movement is expected to have delivered more than 250,000 toys around the world.