Past Missions | June 2019

In June 2019, The Toy Movement in collaboration with toy retailer in Lebanon & MEA: JouéClub, Early Learning Centre & Toys4Less offered 3000 gifts to 3000 kids from seven different NGOs in Lebanon: Malaak, Bonheur Du Ciel, Foi et Lumiere, Libami, Al Younbouh, Kids Alive & Mabarrat.

Each of these NGOs has its own mission to help better the lives of those in need. We visited Syrian refugees, orphans, children who live in poverty and individuals suffering from mental disabilities and limited access to education. Our visits were all about spreading joy and drawing smiles on everyone's faces which were able to achieve by letting them know we are thinking of them.

The toys that we offered them not only aim for fun but also help the kids develop important skills through play. Unfortunately, with the crises they live in, it is rare & often impossible for the care takers of these children to provide them with an extra joy in life. We invite everyone to do the same and spread happiness among those less fortunate souls around us!